Message from The Party Committee Secretary and UEH President in 2018

The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City ended 2017 term with significant results. The proposed goal of student enrollment was reached, the advanced international curriculum was deployed successfully, university accreditation reached MOET standards and four majors satisfied the requirements of the international quality accreditation body FIBBA with high results; academic and applied research achieved positive outcomes, the university management experienced positive changes and, simultaneously, UEH also kicked off the construction of the City South Campus and Campus B.
It could be said that the 2017 activities have brought confidence to UEH’s leaders, lecturers and officers on the university policies at the start of the new term and in order to achieve new developments within the year of 2018 and further on.
At the start of 2018, besides pportunities, UEH also faces many challenges, mostly from the competitive environment and the international integration of university education. I hereby propose to the university leaders, and to the leaders of different departments, divisions, schools, as well as to the faculty and administrative officers to have one same purpose and high determination towards achieving the given tasks. Specifically, we need to successfully carry out the following missions:

1. Continue successfully deploying the advanced international curriculum at undergraduate and postgraduate levels which goes in hand with available English and Vietnamese resources and materials for the learners; implement PhD programs with the international publication of doctoral thesis; and upgrade UEH databases.

2. Improve the teaching quality through traditional methods and UEH-LMS,  follow the motto “student-centered methodology”; enhance the necessary soft skills for the students; continue implementing the accreditation of academic programs.

3. Open more classes with English as primary language of instruction, particularly for these majors: Business Administration, Banking and other majors proposed by the schools; open new disciplines and majors and improve the student English proficiency.

4. Promote academic research, international publications and applied research to serve socio-economic development; form “strong research groups”; implement the collaboration programs that were signed and agreed upon with local governments in four aspects: research, training, consulting and policy review. Conduct research projects at national, ministry, province, city and university levels in due course.

5. Encourage the schools and institutes to implement international collaboration in academic training, scientific research and student and lecturer exchange, etc.

6. Implement a modern university management through the use of information technology and other “smart” management tools; openly and democratically discuss new policies and decision in the context of a competitive environment and international integration.

7. Continue deploying UEH internationalization, build a research-oriented university and successfully accomplish the 6 differention strategies; and gradually become a multidisciplinary university.

8. Lecturers and administrative officers need to focus on their personal development, with an emphasis on their field of specialization and English language (i.e. being able to read and understand specialized textbooks by the end of 2018); UEH will start deploying specific initiatives for lecturers to study English and specialized courses abroad; implement policies to support IELTS test fees; select and recruit talented people to teach and do research for UEH. PhD candidates who are UEH lecturers must prioritize learning at advanced English university.

9. Deploy the two projects (City South Campus and B Campus) and refurbish and upgrade the 135 Tran Hung Dao dormitory.

In the upcoming year of 2018, I sent out my call to all UEH leaders and officers to bring their best effort in teaching, researching and university administration, and continue promoting the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City to reach more breakthroughs on its way towards international integration and development.

Prof. Nguyen Dong Phong