The UEH Developing activities of Student scientific research

Student scientific research is one of the crucial missions to improve training quality and help students familiarize gradually with research methodology. Therefore, the university always encourage and motivate lecturers and students to take part in this activity.

Inspired by the scientific research from lecturers, UEH students actively and seriously try their best to participate in their own scientific research playground including “UEH Young Economist” held by our university and the reward for the best subject topic “UEH500” held by Youth Union and Students’ Association. Through these two grand playgrounds, students, under the wholehearted guidance of lecturers, carry out high quality scientific research projects using knowledge gained from their subjects, passion in science discovery and determination.

To commemorate, encourage and motivate students with high spirit in study, passion in scientific research, the university board of management honored, rewarded students with “UEH Young Economist” award in 2016 for the 15 best author groups with A award, 46 author groups with B award and 42 author groups with C award at the Student Scientific Research Ceremony held on March 12th, 2017. Also in this ceremony, 9 guiding lecturers were honorably rewarded with certificates and awards from the President for achieving good results in guiding students in scientific research in 2016.

In 2017, our university had 478 students over 16,000 full-time students that completed 216 scientific research projects. The fields for the 2017 scientific research projects were mostly Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Banking and Law. A good signal for this year’s student scientific research is the presence of Law projects, proving that scientific research is more and more popular among students from different majors.

After the evaluation and critical thinking process, the Board of examiners has chosen 123 projects for the award 2017 UEH Young Economist, including 20 author groups with A award, 58 author groups with B award and 45 author groups with C award for this “UEH Young Economist” award. Among them, 7 projects were chosen to participate in the award “Scientific Research at Ministry level” in 2017, 21 projects were chosen to participate in the award “Scientific Research Student – Eureka” and won these achievements:

3 projects won the Third Prize and 1 project won Consolation Prize for the “Student Scientific Research” of the Ministry of Education and Training in 2017.

1 topic won the Third Prize of the “Student Scientific Research – Eureka” of Ho Chi Minh city Communist Youth Union in 2017.

In addition, in 2017, UEH students joining the Olympic Econometrics and Application award held by the Central Students’ Association together with the Finance Academy won 1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize, 1 Third Prize and 2 Consolation Prizes.

Besides taking part in the scientific research, through the research projects, students are also encouraged, provided opportunities to join UEH scientific activities namely science conferences, seminars, research method sessions… The university always consider students’ scientific activities as a professional work, with great meaning in training, talent finding, student’s ability development, and also motivate lecturers to update and improve research skills. Thus, UEH always encourage, support determined students and lecturers, provide awarding policy to students with merit in scientific research. All excellent achievements of UEH students in scientific research proved the serious research determination, instruction and helpful guidance from lecturers and UEH appropriate supporting policy over the past few years.

To further develop student’s scientific research, UEH have issued the Regulation No 3091/QĐ-ĐHKT-QLKH on October 16th, 2017 on UEH students’ scientific research activity. The highlight in this regulation is the addition and expansion of autonomy in students’ scientific research activities at faculty and institute level in order to help students to gain more opportunities to participate in many scientific research playgrounds, especially, the UEH students from high quality training programs.